Used Optometry Equipment

Discover a better way to get the optical equipment you need without overspending. Servi-Stat, LLC, offers completely refurbished, used optometry equipment, along with pre-owned ophthalmic equipment. Best of all, we repaint and reupholster chairs, stands, and stools according to your preferences, which means your new purchases will always flatter the existing design of your practice. Make a wise investment and see what items we have available for you.

We understand your needs and are devoted to providing you with high-end products at a price that will not break the bank. Our team takes the time to ensure that every ophthalmic chair or any other product we sell is in great shape, as well as offers warranties. Furthermore, our business will also buy your old equipment. Whether you are upgrading or are shutting down your practice, we are interested in your items. Contact our team today for more information about buying and selling used optometry equipment.

Committed to Quality Control

Before listing used optical equipment for sale, our team examines each instrument and calibrates it to factory specifications. This means you'll always receive a used product that works as though it were new. Compared to the amount you would normally spend on new equipment, our preowned products offer incredible savings.

Each pre-owned piece of equipment comes with, at minimum, a full six-month warranty. Some makes and models come with one-year warranties. All prices include professional delivery, installation, and calibration costs.

Used Equipment Catalog

  • A.O. Phoropter
  • Reichert Phoropter
  • Marco Phoropter
  • Topcon Phoropter
  • Marco 2B Slit Lamp
  • Marco G-2 Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-2E Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-4E Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-3E Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-6E Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-7E Slit Lamp
  • Haag Streit BM900 Slit Lamp
  • Haag Streit BQ-900 Slit Lamp
  • Zeiss SL-120 Slit Lamp
  • Zeiss 125/16 Slit Lamp
  • Zeiss 100/16 Slit Lamp
  • Zeiss 30SL Slit Lamp
  • Reliance 5100 Chair
  • Reliance 6200 Chair
  • Reliance 7000 Chair
  • Reliance 880 Chair
  • Reliance 980 Chair
  • Reliance FX-920 Chair
  • Marco Deluxe Chair
  • Marco Tilt Chair
  • Marco Encore Chair
  • Flat screen Eye Chart Monitors
  • Nikon NP-3 Auto Projector
  • B&L Keratometer
  • Marco Keratometer
  • Keeler Fison Indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Welch Allyn Transilluminator
  • Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope
  • Welch Allyn Retinascope
  • Humphrey 720 Visual Field
  • Humphrey 740 Visual Field
  • Humphrey 750 Visual Field
  • Humphrey 750i Visual Field
  • Reliance 7700 Stand
  • Reliance 7720 Stand
  • Reliance 7800 Stand
  • Marco Deluxe Stand
  • Marco Deluxe 2 Stand
  • Marco Encore Stand
  • A.O. Standard Projector
  • Marco Standard Projector
  • Topcon Standard Projector
  • Marco CP-600 Auto Projector
  • Marco CP-670 Auto Projector
  • Marco CP-690 Auto Projector
  • Topcon Digital Retina Camera
  • Canon Digital Retina Camera
  • Zeiss OCT Stratus
  • Zeiss OCT Cirrus
  • Reichert Tonopen
  • Medtronic Tonopen XL
  • Topcon Auto Refractor
  • Nidek Auto Refractor
  • Humphrey HARK-599 Auto Refractor
  • Haag Streit 870 Tonometer
  • Haag Streit R900 Tonometer
  • Heidelberg HRT
  • Zeiss 995 Topographer

Contact us for more information about our used optometry equipment calibration process. We serve optical professionals throughout the country and ship from our headquarters in Largo, FL.