Sell Your Used Equipment Today

Pre-Owned Ophthalmic EquipmentHave you recently purchased new equipment for your business? If so, you are most likely sitting on a wide array of old equipment. Instead of tossing it in a storage space or letting it go for pennies on the dollar, you can sell your old optometry and ophthalmic equipment. The team at Servi-Stat, LLC, is ready to make you an offer on chairs, stands, stools, and more.

When you sell your equipment to us, we take the old pieces and repair the pieces to ensure that they meet factory specifications. This process ensures that everyone who works with us receives a “like new” piece of equipment. Our business is interested in all of your equipment, including slit lamps, standard projectors, retina cameras, and tonometers. Once the pieces are repaired, we offer a full six-month warranty, as well as a one-year warranty for particular makes and models.

Sell your equipment to our business today. As one of the leading sellers of pre-owned ophthalmic equipment, we need doctors like you to sell their equipment to our company. You can give us a call at our office at (727) 580-9865 to speak with us directly or send an email to for additional information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.