Ophthalmology Equipment Repair in Largo, FL

Are you considering investing in new optical equipment because your old equipment has stopped working? Don't purchase a new machine yet. Instead, with repair services from a name you can trust, and you might save money.

Servi-Stat, LLC takes great pride in offering comprehensive ophthalmology equipment repair in Largo, FL, along with calibration services for diagnostic machines. Fast service is always available at reasonable flat rate costs. Plus, our work comes with an amazing six-month warranty! We ship to locations throughout the country, so no location is too far.

Our Approach to Projectors

Many doctors think that their projectors are dim and decide that it's time to buy new ones with halogen bulbs. However, Servi-Stat, LLC has found that dirt and dust trapped in the main condensing lenses can cause the projection to look dim! We disassemble projectors, then remove and clean all optics, including the main condensing lenses. With proper cleaning, the projector will be bright white again, just as it was when you purchased it new.

Examples of Our Work

Calibrate Tonopen: Keep your practice in perfect working order with this essential service. We calibrate within .05mm mercury factory specifications.

Phoropter Cleaning: Our team completes disassembles and lubricates all bearing and gears. Plus, we clean all optics to factory specifications.

Refurbish Chairs: Make your chairs like new again! Servi-Stat, LLC cleans and refurbishes, as well as eliminates cracks and tears in the upholstery.

Let Us Help with Office Moves

Are you moving to a new office? Our team can help with that, too! Along with ophthalmology equipment repair, our company offers professional office moving services. We disassemble and reassemble equipment to your preferences - plus, we calibrate the equipment once it's in your exam room. Let us make the moving process easier!

Contact our team to request more information about our ophthalmology equipment repair services. We serve optical professionals throughout the country and ship from our headquarters in Largo, FL.